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Welcome Home, T'Men Members!

You have landed at the home of the Nashville T' Men, either by choice, mistake or fate. Whichever the reason, we are glad to have you visit us. You should be aware however, that we will NOT tolorate any flaming or acts of prejudice at this site. If the topics presented here are offensive to you, then please go elsewhere.

This web site was created for the members of: The Nashville T' Men; Nashville's new & only FTM & SO support group. However, the site was made public for all to use & enjoy.

So...What is the purpose of the group?

The purpose of this group is to give support & info to the FTM & SO community here in 'Music City' as well as in the surrounding areas.

Does the group have regular meetings?

Yes, we have meetings once a month on the first Saturday of the month, from approx. 6:30 pm. til 8:30 pm.

Who may join?

Anyone on the FTM spectrum may join. This includes; TG Butches, Pre, post, or no-op FTMs, as well as those who are still in the stages of questioning their Trans status. Any SO of all of the above is welcome to join as well. We are & always will be SO inclusive.

Great! How do I join?

I have created a special page for membership requests. Just download or paste & copy the page, fill in the blanks, and e-mail it to the addy provided. You will be notified when your membership has been approved.

Warning: This site may contain text/graphics that are offensive to some and/or may not be suitable for children to view, even though they are meant only as educational material.

Beam; Actual size=240 pixels wide

As you can probably tell, I'm addicted to gifs! The gif above is one of my all time favorites, and comes from my absolute favorite gif site; Draac's Free Gifs 123. To visit this site, click on the link below.

Draac's Free Gifs 123

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Transgendered Excellence!

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Hey Gang! Check it out...our web site has won an award! :)

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This Transgender Webring site owned by Jesse Vickers.
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Our Motto: Going forth with dignity & pride... Determined to be who & what we are...The Nashville T'Men


I have chosen to use many different colors of text as a way of representing our celebration of the diversity of lifestyles, gender, & ethinic backgrounds.

Let it be known that we do not endorse nor tolorate ANY form of prejudice or racism! In it's stead, we celebrate & honor life in all forms!