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Jodi & I have been accumulating FTM, & Gender related books for some time now and have a fair number of books. We are in the process of setting up a group library, so that those of you who wish to check out books, may do so.

If any of you have FTM, SO, or Gender related books that you would like to add to the library, you are welcome to do so. In addition, if any of you are interested in checking out a book, the requirements are as follows:

1. You must be an active member & live in the immediate area.

2. Your physical address & phone number must be on file.

3. You must sign the logout sheet when checking a book out, and sign the login sheet upon it's return.

4. You may check out only one book at a time.

5. You must agree to be responsible for the book(s)while they are in your possession. This responsibility includes paying for replacement of said book, if it is damaged or lost while in your care.

6. DO NOT under any circumstances loan any of our books to anyone else, not even to other members. If another member wants to read a book in your possession, you must first return it to the library, then that person can check it out for themselves.

7. Books that are checked out at one meeting are due back in at the next meeting. This gives you 1 month to read the book. If no one is waiting to read that particular book, you may then check it back out. If, on the other hand another member is waiting to read that particular book, you must wait to check it out again. The book must be brought with you, in order to check it out again.

If you cannot follow these few simple rules, please do not bother to sign any books out. We have spent a lot of both time & money on this library, and we expect you to respect this.

Should you choose not to respect this Library, your privileges will be suspended or revoked.

The following is the current listing of the books we have on hand for check out. They are listed alphabetically, and contain the author as well. It includes a variety of gender related books, as well as Lesbian & Butch/Femme books. There are also a few Health & Fitness type books.

1.'The Ages Of Lulu'- Almudena Grandes

2.'The Black Biker'- Red Jordan Arobateau

3.'Bulletproof Butches'- Chea Villanueva

4.'Boys Night Out'- Red Jordan Arobateau

5.'Butch'- Jay Rayn

6.'Butch/Femme- Edited by M.G. Soares

7.'Butch/Femme Inside Lesbian Gender'- Edited by Sally R. Munt

8.'Changing Sex'- Bernice L. Hausman

9.'Coming To Power- Edited by SAMOIS

10.'Complete Idiots Guide To Total Nutrition- Joy Baver,M.S.,R.D.

11.'A Crystal Diary'- Frankie hucklembroich

12.'Dagger On Butch Women'- Edited by Lily Burana, Roxxie, Linnea Due

13.'Doc and Fluff (2 copies on hand) Pat Califia

14.'Doing It For Daddy'-Edited by Pat Califia

15.'The Drag King Book'-Del Lagrace Volcano & Judith "Jack" Halberstam

16.'Fast Food Restaurant Nutrition Counter'- Dr. Art Ulene

17.'Female Masculinity'- Judith Halberstam

18.'The Femme Mystique'- Edited by Leslea Newman

19.'FTM Female-To-Male Transsexuals In Society' Holly Devor-Forward by James Green

20.'Gender Shock'- Phyllis Burke

21.'Gender Outlaw (On Men,Women,and the Rest of us)'-Kate Bornstein

22.'Gender an Ethnomethodological Approach'-Suzanne T. Kessler & Wendy McKenna

23.'Lesbians Talk Transgender'- Zachary I. Natef

24.'Medical,Legal & Workplace Issues For The Transsexual'- Sheila Kirk, M.D. & Martine Rothblatt, J.D.

25.'NightHawk'- Artemis Oakgrove

26.'The Leatherdaddy And The Femme'- Carol Queen

27.'Leatherwomen III- Clash Of The Cultures'- Edited by Laura Antoniou

28.'Macho Sluts'-(2 copies) Pat Califia

29.'Melting Point'- Pat Califia

30.'Nearly Roadkill'- Caitlin Sullivan & Kate Bornstein

31.'Persistent Desire'- Edited by Joan Nestle

32.'Render Me, Gender Me'- Kate Weston

33.'Rude Girls And Dangerous Women'- Cartoons by Jennifer Camper

34.'S/HE'- Minnie Bruce Pratt

35.'The Second Coming- A leatherdyke reader'- Edited by Pat Califia & Robin Sweeney

36.'StoneButch Blues'- Leslie Feinburg

37.'Street Fighter'- Red Jordan Arobateau

38.'Sensuous Magic'- Pat Califia

39.'Story Of O'- Pauline Reage

40.'The T-Factor Diet'- Martin Katahn, Ph.D.

41.'Tipping The Velvet'- Sarah Waters

42.'Throne Trilogy'- Artemis Oakgrove
1.The Raging Peace
2.Dreams Of Vengeance
3.Throne Of Council

43.'Trumpet'- Jackie Kay

44.'An Uncommon Soldier'- Lauren Cook Burgess

45.'Walking Back Up Depot Street'- Minnie Bruce Pratt

46.'Warclouds'- Artemis Oakgrave

47.'Women Of The War'- Frank Moore