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Membership Request Page


To be considered for membership, please download or paste & copy this form. Then fill in the blanks and e-mail it to:



Nashville T'Men

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month, from approx. 6:30 pm. until 8:30 pm.

You may change into 'more comfortable' clothing at the meeting site if you are not yet 'out' in public.

We ask that you not bring any Alcoholic beverages to the meetings, due to the fact that the meetings are held in a private residence. We also ask that you not attend in an inebriated state, should you do so, you will be asked to leave. We cannot & will not lose our meeting place because of any person(s) inability to attend meetings in a sober manner.

Membership Request Form


City & State of Residence:_______________________________________________

E-Mail Address:__________________________________________


Are you; TG Butch_____ Pre-op FTM_____ Post-op FTM_____ No-op FTM____ Questioning Trans Status_____ or are you an SO of a FTM__________?

Are you partnered?______ If so, what is your partner's Status/Gender?_____________________________________________

Are you currently taking Testosterone?_____________________

If not, do you intend to?__________________________________

What surgeries, if any have had that are FTM related?____________________________________________________________

Are you currently under the care of a Therapist?____________

If not, are you seeking one?________________________________

Do you plan to attend the monthly meetings?_________________

What are you looking for in a FTM & SO support group?____________________________________________________________



Finally, please include a brief Bio of yourself. Email this form to one of the two e-mail addys provided, making certain that you include contact info, be it phone #, snail mail addy, or e-mail addy. We will contact you as soon as a decision is made regarding your membership. Thank you for inquiring into membership with The Nashville T'Men.