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The Nashville T' Men


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Getting Involved


It's your support can help it to flourish by getting involved!


Up until recently, Nashville did not have a FTM support group. In order to receive support from other FTMs, one had to either go online, or drive to another city. With the birth of The Nashville T'Men this has changed!

Jodi and I have dedicated ourselves to the task of making our group the best it can possibly be. In order for this to be achieved, our members need to get involved & help our group be more than just a name.

Writing Submissions!

Do you have a story to tell or poetry to share? The written word is indeed a powerful sword, and one that is uneraseable through decades of time. If you have written works that you would like to share with the group please submit it via e-mail.

Submit Writings

Let it be known that Leti has consented to head up our Resource Committee.

Anyone having reliable resources to add to our growing list, should send an email including the url of said resource(s), and we will check it out.